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Me. You. Inclusion.

Inklusion 1

Since the summer of 2014, children with special needs in Germany have a legal right to take shared classes in regular schools. Many special education schools were closed as a result. The 90-minute documentary "Me. You. Inclusion." follows five elementary school students – with and without special needs – over the course of two and a half years. They are part of the first official inclusive class at the Geschwister Devries School in Uedem in North-Rhine Westphalia. The documentary takes an open and honest look at their everyday school activities and at what happens when inclusive ideals meet reality.

documentary | 53 min | HD

Sitha's Cambodian Orphan Family

CIO 2014-2015 The Cambodian couple Sitha and Sreymom have 37 children between the ages of five and eighteen - four of their own and 33 street children whom they have taken in and look after lovingly.

documentary | 30 min | HD

Verena and Bernd

VerenaBernd1 Verena and Bernd - A Very Special Couple

documentary | 10 min | HD

Documentary for ZDF on the occasion of German Unity Day 2011


German Unity Day 2011

documentary | 10 min | HD


Balcony – A nighttime observation of a backyard somewhere in Istanbul – rooftops, a quick glance through a window, a person here and there. Shot from a single balcony the scenes seem like a miniature version of the giant city.