June 14, 2019

New fiction series in development

We're currently developing a new sitcom for public broadcasting. The first season is slated to have 8 episodes. We'll keep you posted once development has been completed.

January 15, 2019

Financing for "The Swallows Are Flying Low Again"

The fictional 90-minute feature film "The Swallows Are Flying Low Again" (WT) by writer and director Philipp Lutz is now in the financing phase.

January 9, 2019

Commendation for "The Mandarin Tree"

The German Film and Media Evaluation (FBW) has awarded our film "The Mandarin Tree" the commendation as "especially valuable." You can read the jury statement here: www.fbw-filmbewertung.com/film/der_mandarinenbaum

October 5, 2018

Award for "The Mandarin Tree"

Our film "The Mandarin Tree" recently received the first prize at the Schlingel Film Festival in the domestic short film category. The jury’s statement reads: "It’s not only the image of a bird, which Sirin draws for her father, that gives him hope – even though the picture is confiscated. Its symbolic meaning is far too great. Rather, it is five mandarin seeds that offer the promise of no longer having to remain powerless in the face of the state’s whims and oppression. With its strong acting, The Mandarin Tree touchingly illustrates how resilient humans can be despite suffering emotional cruelty and hardship."

September 12, 2018

Festivals for "The Mandarin Tree"

Our film "The Mandarin Tree" will show at the 23rd International Film Festival Schlingel and at the Austin Film Festival in the United States. We're delighted and looking forward to the screenings.