drama | 18 min | HD

The Mandarin Tree

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Turkey today: After a long incarceration as a political prisoner, Seyid is allowed to receive visitors for the first time. His eight-year-old daughter’s drawing of a bird is interpreted by the guards as an anarchist symbol, and is destroyed. Nevertheless, Seyid’s belief in freedom of thought is unbroken. His daughter understands, and when she comes to visit a second time, she draws a "harmless" mandarin tree. Will her hidden message be recognized?

play / drama | 90 min |

Play "Wrinkled Hearts"

 MG 7753 17-year-old Dante is an outsider. The only bright spot in his - as he calls it - ‘fucked-up existence’ is his friend Kate. But when Kate meets 17-year-old Ben and ‘falls in love’ with him, their friendship starts to crumble and finally ends in a catastrophe.

drama | 17 min | RedOne


Philipp Lutz Auf Anfang Still4

18-year-old Jonas successfully fought cancer - but he still lost his life. Constant fear of his next check-up and its results prevent him from finding a way back to reality. To "reset" his life, he makes an unusual decision...

drama | 2 min | HD


LENCHEN Still 03

A cold basement. A heavy box. 52 year old Georg is tied to it. In front of him his tormentors with a knife. - And all because of Lenchen.

drama | 15 min | RedOne

Feeling Summer


"Feeling Summer" tells the story of a single mother who realizes that her disabled 23-year-old son has needs that she alone cannot satisfy.